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Save the Date in Style

Save the Date in Style

Set the tone for your wedding with one of these memorable Save The Dates

There are so many options available when you’re deciding how to send your save the dates, so there’s no longer any need to resort to the old-fashioned paper invite. While it may be traditional, it’s difficult to inject personality into a simple card, and even harder to find a design that hasn’t already been done ten times over. So instead of turning to old tropes, we’ve come up with some creative save the date ideas that’ll help make your wedding an affair to remember.

Go Viral With a Video Save the Date

We’re living in the age of technology, so it only seems appropriate to add a technical twist to your save the date. Creating your own video is not only a memorable way to bring your message to life, it gives it that personal touch as you can deliver the information to each of your guests’ homes in person (well, close enough). And as an added bonus, once the wedding’s over, you’ll always have a home-movie memento of the occasion to look back on.

There’s plenty of room to be creative with your save the date video and adapt it to your own personality. Think about the theme or color scheme of your wedding and use that to create your film; it’ll set a lovely tone for the rest of the event. You could keep it simple and record a heartfelt message from you to your guests, or you could let your imagination run wild and create your own story.

Once you’ve filmed, edited and admired your video, it’s time to send it out! You can choose to email it to your guest list or invite them all to a private YouTube channel. For true wow-factor, you could even organise a surprise screening as a way to announce your engagement to your closest family and friends.

Launch Your Own Wedding Website

One common complaint about paper save the dates is that they create unnecessary waste. By creating a virtual save the date, you can combat any environmental guilt while at the same time producing a design that really makes a statement. An additional advantage of the wedding website is that it’s much easier to amend than a printed invitation, so you can hone your design down to perfection.

Unless you’re a website builder or a graphic designer yourself, you should consider enlisting the help of a professional. While the lure of DIY webpages can be tempting, you may create unnecessary stress for yourself and risk falling short of your dream design. A professional designer can help you put together a beautiful webpage that captures the theme of your wedding, complete with customized fonts, color themes and images.

Once your website is built, send yourself a test link to ensure it works. Nothing hampers your delivery quite like a broken web page! When sending it to your family and friends, you could even create a custom URL – either to keep the page a surprise or to add a cute, funny or on-theme twist. It’s the little details that will make your event truly memorable.

Send an Invite That Really Delivers

Who says that party favours should be saved for the end of an event? Instead of just sending a card, send your guests something that will truly make them smile. That could mean attaching your message to a helium balloon, delivering it nestled amongst a bouquet of fresh flowers or sending a miniature basket with a little token gift tucked inside. It’s a charming and classy way to invite the people who mean the most to you to come and share your special day with you.

Classics like balloons and flowers are universally fitting, and are great when you have a wide variety of guests attending. If your wedding has a particular theme, you could look for something more personalized. For example, if you’re hosting a rustic wedding, a wicker basket with a chequered cloth lining is a beautiful way to set the scene before the big day.

It’s up to you to choose the save the date style that best suits your personality and the tone of your wedding. You also need to consider your guests when making your decision. For example, there’s no point creating a stunning website if most of your guests are technophobes.

Whichever invite you opt for, there are certain elements that are always important. For example, including a time for “Carriages” at the bottom of your save the date helps guests plan ahead for the end of the evening – and avoids the awkwardness of trying to get the last few stragglers off the dance floor.

If you’ve got any creative save the date ideas, we’d love to hear them! Share your ideas in the comments below.