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Nathalie von Hohenzollern Jewelry

Nathalie von Hohenzollern Jewelry

A glimpse into the collections of one of 2016's most exclusive designers

The name currently stained on the lips of anyone who's anyone in the glamorous elite is one you may not have heard yet, until now. Nathalie von Hozenzollern. A German jewellery designer known for her South-American rooted style, Nathalie travels the world exhibiting and marketing her own exciting and unique brand of only the most opulent gold wedding rings, earrings and necklaces. Award-winning, internationally-known, glamorous, traditional - Nathalie's designs seem to have it all.

Not content with designed cross for the Pope, a diamond broach for the Queen of Sweden and even being tasked with designing the jewels to adorn the striking jewels that adorn various famous Bond girls on red carpets from Hollywood to Cannes. However, this Princess still manages to have some fun and, in her own words, "travel and enjoy the luxuries of life" and her latest piece, available here via luxury retailer Boulesse, reflects that perfectly. The simplicity of her influences paired with her love for striking, but elegant statement pieces solidifies Nathalie as a true threat in the Jewellery design game.

The timeless, limited edition piece named mysteriously "Busca" (Spanish for, "In search of"), bares suggestions of South American design with it's draping gold beads. Bold, yet traditional, this recent design is sure to become iconic, and fast. Perhaps a playful yet modest admission to her own worldliness and cultured intelligence.


Born in Germany,educated in Switzerland and fluent in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, von Hohenzollern is not any ordinary princess. Nathalie's fascination with Inca civilization are apparent at a swift glance, consistent with the accompanying collection of necklaces and bracelets that her latest collection includes.

Graduating in Political Science at the world-renowned NYU University, Nathalie got in touch with her own creative heritage and took time to study at the Actors Studio in Hollywood. She also notoriously turned down the offer to pose for a Playboy spread, an iconic decision highly reflective of her classical, elegant ethos. "My parents would have had a fit!" She humorously expressed.

Born in the year 1970, one deduces a true sense of the time. Though not an influence she has opening remarked as being one of her own, her designs wouldn't look out of place adorning the hands of Liz Taylor or even Janis Joplin. She possesses an unmistakable talent for creating elegant, classical and yet subtly bold pieces.


Nathalie has come to develop a style that is simple and restrained, shaped by her European influences, yet with various subtle nods to South-American design, both ancient and modern. At first glance these clues can be so perfectly placed that they couldn't be singled out, yet the feel is an exotic, mysterious and free one. Yet all the time remaining stylish and elegant. She has also long expressed a desire to design for normal glamorous customers, and not only a few members of international royal families. Herself juggling her career, royal duties and her own family, Nathalie understands jewelry needs to be functional across a multitude of different environments.

Fashion Houses

Arguably hotter than Cartier right now, Nathalie's bespoke jeweled designs are now proudly stocked by luxury retailer Boulesse, and fortunately so - you'd be lucky to find her designs in your average city stores. Pioneering, elegant and only for the most privileged of jewelry lovers.

However, Nathalie has always retained close to her, less-than-royal, roots - something obvious in a recent interview with the stylish Princess. "Being married to a Prince, albeit not being an Aristocrat myself, I felt the need to create my own interpretation of a decoration." Since beginning her venture into jewelry design, her production of bespoke wedding rings have been one of the most sought after designs she offers, surely a major personal compliment.

To those skeptics who may wonder if Nathalie von Hozenzollern is perhaps just, well, lucky, you're wrong - and her latest collection proves so. This extraordinary Princess has worked with the First Lady of Bolivia as project leader; she's not just an exceptionally pretty face. Utilizing inspiration from the bright hues of aguayo cloth and desert skylines, these designs show a great closeness and understanding of the beauty of the natural world and within that stories of travelling adventures that have carved her life story.

Her childhood memories of Bolivia still stand to influence her work in more ways than many of her more recent ventures and the spirituality and depth of her work conveys a wisdom not all possess. Playing with colors, Nathalie expresses a deep infinity with the darkness and bittersweet pain of hardship contrasted with the wonder and joy of love and parenthood. This matured variation in her motivation to create and to design shows the pride she holds within her own heritage, as well as the more analytical, restrained tendencies that her pioneering academic ventures taught her.

Made in Austria - Nathalie von Hozenzollern's gold jewellery designs suggest true simplistic, stylish elegance and is forecasted to become one of the world's most sought after luxury jewellery designers.

Catch her while you can with Busca, available at for a limited time only.