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Engagement Party Drinks

Engagement Party Drinks

Satisfy your guests by making sure your engagement party has a well stocked bar.

Getting engaged is one of the best excuses for a party you'll ever have - so why not make the most of it? While there's plenty of appeal to hiring a venue or simply rallying people for a celebratory night out, sometimes a more intimate setting is perfect for sharing the happy news with your nearest and dearest.

If you're hosting at home, however, be prepared to add a few choice selections to your drinks cabinet - after all, the perfect occasion certainly merits offering the perfect drink for everyone involved. Whether you bring in a bartender or decide to man the decks yourself, make sure to take stock of your guests' preferences, and plan a few tipples in advance.

Pre-dinner cocktails

When your guests arrive, help them ease into the evening with something a little special Cocktails are a wonderful drink for socializing and, if you've got an experienced mixologist to hand, are great fun as well. Using a champagne base is a wonderful way to combine traditional celebrations with a more modern twist (after all, what says 'indulgent evening' better than a perfectly mixed bellini?), while more adventurous combinations can set the conversation flowing. Try introducing some lesser-known liqueurs to spice things up, or introduce fresh fruits to keep things light & fresh. Better still, why not find yourself a bartender willing to invent new concoctions to suit your guests' tastes, and make your evening that little bit more (or less!) memorable.


No event is complete without an extensive wine list, and your engagement party is no different. If you're serving food, take a little time to select your pairings, or choose something truly exceptional that will be light and heady alongside casual nibbles. If you want to pair wine with sweets, we recommend a bottle of 1999 "Trockenbeerenauslese"  from the Erhard Mörwald wine estate, while a Château Léoville-Las Cases or 2006 Bourgogne Chardonnay will always be a great crowd pleaser. New World wines are also not to be dismissed, with Peter Michel’s Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Au Paradis voted 2016's best wine by magazine.


Craft beers have become the drink of choice for many millennials, but have caught on with older generations too, and can now be found on the menu of some of the world's most exclusive restaurants. Also, though wine may be fancier, a good beer will put a smile on everyone’s face - so if you're looking for a pleasant evening with friends, it's a great way to set the mood.


For the traditionalists out there, whisky is a must by the end of an evening - not to mention being the perfect drink for a toast. Stock up on some aged scotch and a bottle of bourbon to ensure that you can meet a diverse range of tastes, as well as having a plentiful supply of ice and some nice whisky glasses to finish things off. You can't go wrong with XXXXX.


A toast - to the newly engaged! What else to raise than a champagne flute? Champagne is the queen of all engagement drinks so, of course, you've got to do it right.

Non-alcoholic choices

Make sure to have a few alcohol-free options available too. Virgin cocktails are always a good choice, and can help tee-total guests get involved in the mixing fun. In summer, add to these with some home made iced tea or lemonade (try flavoring with elderflower or peach for an extra twist), while in winter

 Tea and coffee are very popular drinks and coffee especially, will be highly appreciated by any tipsy guest. Iced tea works great during the summer and there are many gourmet choices. Hot tea should also be an option as some guest may want something hot. Black tea tastes delicious if paired with sweets and green tea is a wonderful and healthy choice to have after dinner.

Your engagement drinks list seems to be complete! Delicious cocktails, hard spirits, cool beer, old wines and fizzy champagne will quench your guest’s thirst and will satisfy everyone. The only danger you have to be weary of is guests never wanting to leave, but that is just part of being a wonderful host.