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Beautiful Jewelry for Winter Brides

Beautiful Jewelry for Winter Brides

Discover the perfect bridal jewelry to top off your fairytale winter wedding.

Crackling fireplaces, towns covered in fairy lights, carriage rides in the snow – few things conjure up as many romantic images as wintertime. While many might consider June peak wedding season, there’s a certain charm to be captured in the colder months that makes it the perfect backdrop to your big day. And it seems only right that you pair such stunning scenery with a little ice of your own – so we’ve collated a list of some of our favourite jewelry for winter brides.

Bari Petit Monsieur Bangle by Schullin Wien

Boulesse, €160

Simple and elegant, this sterling silver bangle from Viennese jewelry house Schullin Wien is a beautiful bridal piece. Made for the modern bride, each bangle is handmade in genuine Argentium silver with a gentle wave that adds just the right amount of avant-gardism to an elegant design.

The classic refinement of this bracelet makes it the perfect partner to a traditional wedding dress. Wear with short sleeves or a sleeveless dress to be properly shown off – and you can even opt for a stacked style if you want to make sure it draws eyes.

Saturn Earrings by DanniJo

DanniJo, £170

DanniJo have taken out of this world to a new level with these stunning Saturn earrings in a sleek silver-plated finish. Two concentric rings create a celestial effect, enhanced by a rhomboidal Swarovski crystal.

Bringing elegance to the geometric trend, these galaxy-inspired earrings will pair perfectly with a contemporary wedding dress. They’ll complement rounded jewelry brilliantly thanks to the wide rings that make up their show-stopping centrepiece.

Volterra Silver Earrings by Schullin Wien

Boulesse, €280

These stunning Volterra earrings come from experts in contemporary, Schullin Wien. They’re made using the company’s signature Argentium silver – a material renowned for both its look and its quality. The unusual shape takes these striking earrings from simply jewelry to wearable art-pieces, while the distinct matte finish exemplifies understated elegance.

These earrings come in a dark colour that’s perfect for jewelry for winter and a wonderful choice for a modern bride. To enhance their simple sophistication, partner these smooth earrings with matching matte jewelry such as a chunky ring or a cuff bangle.

Ziegfeld Pearl Earrings by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co., £460

Taking inspiration from these 1920s, these eye-catching Ziegfeld earrings ooze vintage glamour. Proving you can never go wrong with pearls, this pair combines classic freshwater-cultured pearls with beautifully decorated sterling silver caps. Ornate art deco styling brings added elegance to these charming Tiffany earrings.

Named for New York City’s iconic theatre and styled with the roaring twenties in mind, these earrings are perfect for the bride who’s opted for a vintage look. Whether you’re going for pinned-up rolls in your hair or finishing your make-up with a bright red lipstick, these earrings are a gorgeous way to finish your classic look.

Diamonds & Pearls Pendant Necklace by Annoushka

Harrods, £850

On your wedding day you should feel like a queen – and what better way than to wear jewelry inspired by royalty? Annoushka’s Diamonds & Pearls collection is inspired by the striking ceremonial headdresses worn by Russian aristocracy in the 19th Century. This beautiful pendant necklace frames a classic freshwater pearl with unusual brown diamonds in a look that manages to combine sparkle with subtlety.

The simplicity of this pendant necklace makes it incredibly versatile and it’s rare that any outfit can’t be improved by the addition of diamonds and pearls. Ensure your neckline allows you to show this beautiful necklace off, and pair it with dark-coloured diamonds that properly befit jewelry for winter.

Oh…Kiss Me Diamond Earrings by Oliver Heemeyer

Boulesse, €4,450

If there’s any occasion that calls for diamonds, it’s your wedding day. These stunning drop earrings

come in the season’s favourite rose gold or in classic white gold, and each style is plated top to bottom in sparkling diamonds. They were created by Austrian designer Oliver Heemeyer, whose home is in the centre of Vienna.

Sparkle is best partnered with even more sparkle, so these eye-catching earrings will look stunning with a sequinned or bead-embellished dress. Add a glittering bracelet or even a tiara hair accessory for the complete princess effect.

Divas’ Dream Earrings by Bulgari

Bulgari, £1,430

As the star of the day, you’ll undoubtedly feel right at home in these exquisite earrings, inspired by the stars of days gone by. In creating these stunning Divas' Dream earrings, Bulgari drew inspiration from the unusual combination of famous female icons and the architecture of ancient Rome. On-trend rose gold is balanced by shimmering mother of pearl, and topped off with delicate pavé diamonds.

Draw further attention to the stunning mother of pearl on these drop earrings by pairing them with matching pieces. You can peruse the rest of the Divas’ Dream collection or expand your search to find the perfect piece.

Vintage Lace Bracelet by Aurélie Bidermann

Aurélie Bidermann, €595

Bride and lace are two words that just go together – but who ever said that the lace has to be on your dress? This unusual design from Aurélie Bidermann manages to be at once traditional and contemporary by recreating a classic material in cuff bracelet form. Gilded with either rose or yellow gold, it’s a piece that’s sure to be a talking point.

You can use this one-of-a-kind design to enhance a lacy dress and to add extra decoration to a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress. It looks perfect when complemented by simple jewelry pieces in matching gold tones, and the thick styling makes it great jewelry for winter.

Princess Gold-Plated Crystal Earrings by Erickson Beamon

Erickson Beamon, £390

American jewellers Erickson Beamon know how to make a statement – and these opulent Princess earrings are no exception. Following the curve of your ear, the elongated frame is encrusted with crystals, allowing the sparkle to extend. A hint of vintage glamour and a flash of contemporary thinking come together in this utterly unique design.

These earrings demand attention, so they’re best matched with a pinned-back hairdo that will allow them to truly shine. Thanks to the extravagant design, little extra sparkle is needed, so they’re ideal for the bride who wants to leave her hands free for her wedding ring. 

Diamond Stud Earrings by Atelier Heldwein

Boulesse, €1,120

Winter weather is no reason to pass up on florals. These dainty stud earrings from Atelier Heldwein manage to recreate classic flowers into something simple and contemporary. Sparkling silver diamonds are framed in 18-carat white gold settings, creating a look that’s a timeless as it is beautiful.

The beauty of these minimalistic stud earrings is that they’ll mingle easily with any bridal outfit. Because they’re petite, they’re perfect for showing off with an up-do. Vintage-style rolls or half-up hairdos are sure to look lovely when set off with this extra piece of sparkle.

With so many stunning options, it’s tough to choose. Which one’s your favourite piece of jewelry for winter? Let us know in the comments. And if a particular piece has caught your eye, share our list and drop a not-so-subtle hint.